Kürøishi – Slukad af slutet 12″ maxi EP


Kürøishi is back with a new six track EP! Slukad af Slutet is just pure blasts of poweful and raw D-Beat in the vein of Wolfbrigade, Disfear, Discharge and Tragedy.

Some positive topics on this ep include : The ongoing battle of finding a peace of mind, slacker mentality, stagnation, strenght through strife, pollution and addictions. Play it Louder!!



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KÜRØISHI – Slukad af Slutet (FIGHT-82)


A1. The gutter is calling
A2. Liberation
A3. Slukad af slutet

B1. No time to live
B2. Spacevoidhell
B3. Jätteeni ja Ruumiini

Recorded & Mixed October 2016 at Boat Island Studios by Antti Lindholm.
Umeå hardcore -94 backing vocals by Tuomo Lambs & Hannu Howl.

Japanese punk-art legend Akihiko “Sugi” Sugimoto again made the killer cover artwork for the EP.
Printed with silver colour.

Kaitsu – vocals
Ilari – guitar
Lene – guitar
Timo – drums
Jani – bass

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Kürøishi’s not content to rest on their laurels, having released a powerful debut LP, Poverty.Ignorance.Slavery.Greed in march, it only took them a few months to put out Slukad af Slutet 12″. As it was recorded simultaneously with the debut, it is to be expected that SaS would only deliver more of the same, and that it does. The same being crusty hardcore, heavy and at times almost brutal record that doesn’t avoid injecting a little melody into it’s songs here and there. Some of the darkest riffs even carry with them hints of more metallic directions.

What were talking is a band full of veterans from bands of some significance coming together to make a pissed of record that lingers on for a while, but doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. An actually pissed of ruffian with a deep bark for a vocalist, delivering in three languages. On a record, where each beat, each hit, each note is truly felt. A record as bleak as it is dynamic, one easily compared to the likes of Tragedy. But not one step behind – don’t sleep on this.

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