Tuomittujen Juhla-1983/84




Tuomittujen Juhla-Demot 1983/84 Lp. 250 kpl, läpikuultava punainen vinyyli. H.15€.

Autumn 1983, Tampere SS and Marionetti split. Some members of both bands met and formed a new band which became Tuomittujen Juhla. They had an aim to create something special and new, which was not supposed to be hardcore punk. The band released two demo tapes during 1983 and 1984. The Last demo was supposed to be released as self-financed EP via band’s Rapagonda label, but was eventually shelved. Tuomittujen Juhla run out of steam soon after and some of the members joined to Kuolleet Kukat. The A-side of this album contains demo from 1983 and B-side demo from 1984. Some of these tracks were released as part of compilation tapes at the time . Now for the first time on vinyl.


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